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Spring Equinox Footprints for Peace Sadhana

  • KY Southall Dominion Road Southall, England, UB2 5aa United Kingdom (map)

We all long for peace, a deep longing for personal peace of mind and a collective longing for peace in the world. The kundalini yoga teachers holding the space for this sadhana are committed to standing for peace through the power of prayer and meditations from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

“In your day, give one minute to peace. Sit down and just relax, feel peaceful inside and give a prayer to honor those who work for peace and for the tranquility of all mankind. Let us honor ourselves. Let us recognize our inner peace. Meditate in your own way. Get into any posture you want and pray deeply for your inner peace and for the entire mankind.” — Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan spent his life teaching how to meet the challenges of conflict and how to stand for truth and develop lasting peace within our hearts and in our world. Through our collective courage, through bringing hope, through kindness, through our grace, we invite you to become a light of peace, and join us in prayer at the Footprints for Peace sadhana.

This is a powerful day to gather during the ambrosial hours, a time when the connection between you and the Divine is direct; a portal to manifest our prayers in group consciousness.

Just turn up on the day to join this gathering.

Investment : donation class recommended £5

If you have any queries please email


5.00 am Japji Sahib - Song of the Soul

5.25 am Kundalini Yoga

6.10 am Gong Sound Healing with Wioletta

6.30 am Morning Call

6.40 am Inner Peace Meditation with Ameet

6.55 am Global Peace Meditation with Rashpal Kaur

There are trains from London Paddington to Southall train 4:42am will arrive 4:54am

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