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2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 1 + 2 = 3

Shiv Charan Singh on the Numerology of 3

& Let the numbers guide you

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divine mother

“Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother, the primal, protective, and generating energy in the cosmos. Let us call on the Divine Mother, the Infinite, the powerful. Her jantra (symbolic form) is the two swords of God to protect you, the center of your world. These are the two-edged swords of the being, the negative and the positive. This is her being. This is her presence.” – Yogi Bhajan

I have been working with the Adi Shakti for many years, there is something different this time. I am embodying Adi Shakti the weapons of consciousness from the feminine heart of compassion. Liberating, cutting through the demons of my mind, allowing my shadows to come home and be held.

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I am teaching the Clearing Karma Meditation in all my classes, some students have committed to a 40 day sadhna to cultivate their intentions for 2019 & Beyond. Join in with this powerful meditation anytime, follow Carolyn Cowan’s video instructions or my drawing. The music I am using for the kriya is Adi Shakti from Benjahmin and Vaheguru from Snatam Kaur.

what is revolutionary love?


In honour of all Wisdom Keepers throughout the Ages. Our ancestors and the great teachers who have walked this earth sharing the message of peace and love. May the work we are here to do in some small way continue to create footprints for peace for future generations.

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I honour my Grandmother, who lived to 101, a wisdom keeper who was know as Maa (mother) by her whole village. Who are the Wisdom Keepers that have guided you?